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  • Welcome to our website. This is a guide to help you choose the best option from our wide range of offers around the popular MOBA, Dota 2. Wherever there are numbers and points involved in a game that measures someone's skill bracket, there is competition. Grinding and improving is time-consuming and hard and even after those, getting your desired MMR also takes effort and consumes time without a boosting service. FPItem has a large pool of professional players or so-called boosters to finish your orders smoothly and in the shortest possible time. So if you're looking for a boosting service in Dota 2, look no further since you already are in one of the best (if not the best) places for that. Are your teammates playing poorly, random and behaving toxic, causing you to lose? Then allow our professional team to take care of your MMR for you. Not only can they help you with your MMR progression, but they can also help you with improving your own skillset, naturally, by allowing you to purchase coaching sessions with them in which you and the coach of your choice (being one of our professional top tier players) will analyse a replay of your gameplay to see where you could improve and level up.

  • If you feel that you are already playing way better than the bracket you are in, but real-life and time issues don't allow you to play enough to try and grind your MMR, you can save yourself the time by purchasing a boosting service from our offers. We have many different services such as MMR boost, behaviour score boost, TBD calibration, removing your low priorities and fixing your win rate to a presentable number if it's too low for whatever reason. You had to abandon a game to make it to somewhere in time? Didn't want to waste time on your feeder team so you just abandoned? Have to deal with the low priority punishment? Luckily for you, our team can cover that and take care of your matches in a short period of time. Are you willing to learn the game and improve but just need someone to point out your mistakes and tell you how and where to fix your misplays? You can easily get over that by purchasing a coaching session from our team's top tier players. We guarantee a high-quality service all along the way, based on the fact that our team of professionals are all above 6000 MMR on their main accounts. Not only that but they're also experienced boosters with years of experience. Any service of your choice will be hovering around a 70% win rate. If you don't want someone logging in to your account, you also have the option to duo party with a booster; meaning you stay on your own account and the booster joins you on a smurf account. You get your MMR order done without anyone other than you logging into your beloved account.

Current MMR
Target MMR

Boost Type
Play with booster in party + %45
Current Behavior
Boost from MMR 3000 To 3444
149 $
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